One Dollar Lawyer (2022)


The plot revolves around unusual lawyer Cheon Ji Hoon (Namgoong Min), who, despite his high qualifications and skills, charges only 1,000 won (about $1) as a fee for his services. He fights the highest paid lawyers and their wealthy clients who are trying to get away with breaking the law.

Baek Ma Ri (Kim Ji Eun) becomes an assistant prosecutor after graduating from a prestigious law school. She is confident and has high self-esteem. Her grandfather Baek Hyun Moo (Lee Deok Hwa) founded the well-known law firm Baek and works as a lawyer there. Baek Ma Ri’s life is going smoothly, but everything changes after she meets Cheon Ji Hoon.

Airs from 09/23/2022 on Fridays and Saturdays.

Also known as: 천원짜리 변호사 Cheonwonjjali Byeonhosa / 1000 Won Lawyer / One Thousand Won Lawyer


Status: Completed

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19 Comments to “One Dollar Lawyer (2022)

  1. one of the best dramas of 2022, acting, cast, humor, thriller everything is on point. would have been better if there was a liitle romance between baek mari and cha ji hun. i will give 9/10 to this series. <3

  2. Podrian, por favor, arreglar los subtitulos del episodio 11! Estan fuera de tiempo y sobre puestos lo que hace dificil entenderlos. Gracias!!!

  3. They are shorten this drama down to 12 episodes. Don;t know why. This is a good one so far.So we have only 3 more episodes to go.

  4. Oh my… From a funny “Chief Kim” style now has turned to thriller “Doctor Prisoner” type. I love it.
    If you ever watched Min’s other TV series, you will know what I’m talking about.

    1. Watched him in a few shows. He is such a brilliant actor and handsome!! I really like this man in anything he does.

  5. This drama is a great I just thinking is there a lawyer can accept the 1 dollar? I release that being a lawyer that kind like in the dram i hope there is in real world, because right now the world need the good lawyer and mostly he/she know that his/her client can afford the big amount to pay.

  6. His role was a good one, crazy but effective, very similar to his “Chief Kim” ‘s which I enjoyed a lot.

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