Golden Mask (2022) Episode 24

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2 Comments to “Golden Mask (2022) Episode 24

  1. I am really enjoying this drama so far but i really wish all 100 episodes were out and subtitled already as i cant wait for the ending. Honestly i hope her ex ,his new wife and his mother get whats coming to them as karmas a b****
    also i hope his ex wife ends up with the loan sharks son and she gets her son back as i feel he is going to have some painful memorys of his stepmothers abuse and his dads lack of morals and compassion,

  2. I understand you guys said your working on the the sub title but can you guys please be quick with it especially for ep 23 to 24 I can’t see the sub title which makes me upset since this is the only site I come to.

    Thank you for trying tough

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