17 Best Korean Dramas to Watch in 2021

Wow, it’s hard to believe another year has came and went! As 2021 is drawing to a close, it’s time to look back at all of the amazing Kdramas we enjoyed throughout the year. From edge-of-your-seat thrillers to swoon-worthy romances to jaw-dropping Sci-Fi flicks, pick your favourite drama this year, and don’t forget to recommend these to your friends. Here is the list of the most popular Korean Dramas that you don’t want to miss out on for sure!


Do you love action flicks with a touch of soft romance? Then add Vincenzo to your bucket list. It’s a story of a young mafia lawyer, Vincenzo Cassano, who was adopted by an Italian mafia leader, Don Fabio. Vincenzo works for them, but after the death of Fabio, he flees to Seoul, where he meets a beautiful young lawyer, Hong Cha Young. She works as an attorney for the rival firm, but later, she joins Vincenzo to fight for the rights of poor tenants at the Guemga Plaza.

2.Squid Game

If you haven’t watched Squid Game yet, you may have missed a roller-coaster ride of adventure, thriller, and mystery. With matchless skills and a unique story, this K-drama is all about mind games. The debt-ridden Chauffeur, Seong Gi Hun, lives his life meaninglessly, and he gambles the money to meet both ends. However, his life becomes change after he got a secret invitation to participate in traditional Korean children’s games to win billions of bucks. All he has to do is to win six games against 455 other participants, but the consequences that come with losing are deadly. So, will he be able to complete all levels or not? Do watch to find out!

3.Move to Heaven

Netflix’s original K-drama, Move to Heaven, is a story of a young autistic person, Geu Roo. Works for his father’s business, Move to Heaven, his job is to arrange items left by dead people, but one day, his father dies, too. Geu Roo feels lonely, then his cold-hearted uncle, Sang Koo, appears to take care of Geu. Being a martial artist, his uncle used to fight in underground matches. Later, Sang Koo also spent some time in prison. However, when he meets Geu Roo, he leaves everything behind and starts “Move to Heaven” with his nephew.

4.Hospital Playlist 2

Not a typical romance flick, Hospital Playlist 2, centred around five doctors who work at Yulje Medical Centre. Season 2 narrates the lives of all the main characters in more depth, and finally, you can get a chance to watch your favourite on-screen couples developing feelings for each other. Hospital Playlist is for those who love near-to-reality kinds of dramas.


Calling all the mystery enthusiasts out there, Mouse is for you. A drama, which is full of suspense, thriller, action, and mystery, highlights the other side of the coin. What if a culprit feels guilt for his wrong actions? Lee Seung-gi works as a rookie police officer in the drama, and he is honest in his words and actions. His life changes when a psychopathic killer enters his life. He invited him to uncover hidden truths behind his psychopathic actions. It also raises the question, “What if we could identify psychopaths in advance?” It’s a must-watch drama for sure, so don’t miss out!

6.Doom at Your Service

Working as a webtoon editor, Tak Dong Kyung lives an ordinary life until she finds out that she is dying from a brain tumour, Glioblastoma, and her life goes upside down. Adding fuel to the fire, her boyfriend turns out to be an adulterer. Tired of her fate, she drunkenly wishes for the world to be doomed, and guess what? Her wish comes true! Myeol Mang appears in front of her as Doom, who is a messenger between God and humans. He assures her that he can fulfil her wishes. With no options left in her hand, Dong Kyung accepts his offer to live 100 days of her life to the fullest.

7.Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

Sets in the idyllic seaside village of Gongjin, Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha, is a romantic Korean drama. The story revolves around a protagonist, Yoon Hye Jin, who is a beauty with brains. She works in the urban city as a dentist but got fired from her job because she stopped her Head from doing wrong. After losing her job, she decides to move to a seaside village, Gongjin, where she meets Hong Du-sik, a jack-of-all-trades. He is a young, positive & energetic person, who helps everyone in the village. Both develop feelings for each other after meeting several times.

8.Youth of May

Youth of May highlights the love story that sets in the year 1980 during the Gwangju Uprising. Hee-Tae becomes everyone’s favourite after he gets admission to Seoul National University College of Medicine with the highest marks. On the other hand, his friend, Kyung Soo, becomes a pro-democracy activist, but he forces Hee-Tae to open an illegal clinic for students. In exchange for the costs of discreetly transporting himself and the factory worker to his hometown, who got injured during a protest, Hee-Tae now has to go to a meeting arranged by his father. At there, he meets Kim Myung-Hee, a nurse who faces a lot of hardships. Both fall in love with each other. Youth of May is based on real events of the Gwangju Uprising, so it would be an interesting show to watch.

9.Law School

One of Netflix’s top-rated television series, Law School, is a crime-thriller flick that focuses on four main characters: Yang Jong-Hoon, Han Joon-Hwi, Kim Eun-Sook, and Kang Sol A. The first episode starts with an unfortunate incident at the prestigious law school, where a professor and his students face weird scenarios. It all started when a reputed professor got murdered in Hankuk University’s Law School, and another professor, Yang Jong-Hoon, became his alleged murderer. He and his students, Kang Sol A and Han Joon-Hwi join together along with civil law professor, Kim Eun-Sook, to find the truth behind the murder. The show highlights the dark side of Korea’s legal system how one can get convicted for the crimes they didn’t do.

10.My Roommate is a Gumiho

Based on a webtoon, My Roommate is a Gumiho, revolves around Shin Woo Yeo, who is a good-looking writer for the world, but in reality, he is a 999 years old nine-tailed fox. He collects human energy in a bead for the past 999 years to become fully human, but all in vain. One day, Lee Dam swallows his bead accidentally, and now Woo Yeo begins to live with her as her roommate to find the solution. Will he get his bead again? Watch it to find out.

11.My Name

My Name is a story of a revenge-driven woman, Yoon Ji-Woo. Her father dies in unusual circumstances, and she desperately wants to find out the real murderer behind his father’s murder. To make her plan successful, she asks Choi Mu-Jin, the boss of the drug gang, to help her find the real culprits. Later, she joins the police department and starts her job as a drug investigation officer. Ji-Woo becomes the mole for the drug group. Will she be able to find her father’s murderer? Do watch this thriller drama to know the twists and turns.

12.Beyond Evil

Looking for another serial killer mystery? Then look no further! Meet the two fearless policemen from the Manyang Police Substation, Lee Dong Sik and Han Joo-Won. Both are energetic, genius, and ready to go beyond the boundaries to catch the culprits. However, when a string of horrifying killings occurs, they begin questioning the innocence of those who are involved in the case, including themselves. The unexpected twists and turns make both of them thinking who is the real monster? Is it you? Is it me? Or is it us? Are you confused, too? Watch all the episodes to find the truth.


A near-to-reality story with a beautiful message, Navillera, tells us about a 70-year-old Shim Deok-Chul who wants to learn ballet dance after his retirement. Even his family doesn’t support him, but he takes admission in a dance academy, where he meets Lee Chae-Rok, a 23-year-old passionate ballet dancer. Both of them become friends and lift each other to overcome the harsh realities of their lives. Navillera is an inspiration for those who dream big. It is a message for people who never give up on their dreams, no matter at what age they are in. This Netflix’s series would touch your heart for sure.


What would you do if you find out a new deadly strain of virus is spreading in the building you’re living in? A high-rise building has been constructed in the big city, but a dangerous infectious disease breaks out. The building is sealed off, and everyone struggles to save their lives. On the other hand, a member of a special police squad, Yoon Sae-Bom, moves to her new apartment, but she doesn’t know what is waiting for her over there. However, Jung Yi-Hyun, an honest and fearless detective, struggles to save his love interest and other people. Happiness is a different story with some great flicks, so do watch it with your friends.


Jirisan is a story of two mountain rangers, Seo Yi-Gang and Kang Hyun-Jo, who work together at Jiri Mountain National Park to save the lost ones. Seo Yi-Gang is an expert ranger, and she knows every corner of the place. While on the other hand, Kang is a rookie ranger who graduated from the military academy. When it comes to Mount Jiri, it has been among the most attractive places for visitors. However, beautiful places are always hiding some mysteries inside them. At Mount Jiri, many people disappear mysteriously, and the task of rangers is to find those visitors, whether alive or dead. Those who love mysteries must watch this drama.

16.The King’s Affection

Set during the Joseon Dynasty, when giving birth to twins is considered an ominous sign, the Crown Prince’s consort gives birth to two beautiful children. They ordered to kill the daughter and raise the son, but the Queen sent her daughter out of the palace to save her life. Fast forward to a few years, the twin son, Lee Hwi, dies in an unfortunate accident, but the queen decides to hide this secret from the rest of the world. She brings back her second child and raises her as Prince Lee. Though she distances herself from every person to hide her true identity, however, she starts developing feelings for her teacher, Jung Ji Woon.

What would happen if Jung Ji Woon finds out about the real face behind Prince Lee Hwi? Do watch all the episodes of the King’s Affection to know the whole story.


Set in 1987, Snowdrop is a typical Korean romantic story with a touch of mystery. In the series, South Korea was then governed by a dictatorial government. One day, a graduate student, Im Soo-Ho, gets injured and jumps into the female dormitory at Hosoo Women’s University, where Eun Young-Ro finds him. He was covered in his blood, but Young-Ro helps him to hide from everyone. Soon they fall for each other and develop an intimate relationship.

Being a graduate student at a prestigious university, Im Soo-Ho is a handsome Korean-German young lad with a mysterious personality. When it comes to Eun Young-Ro, she is a lively student at Hosoo Women’s University, and she majors in English Literature. Both of them first met on a blind date, and Young-Ro fell in love with him on the spot. Another interesting character of the drama, Kye Boon-Ok, works at a dormitory as a telephone operator. She pretends to be a university student. Moreover, she was also with Young-Ro on a blind date. So, what will happen when a trio gets involved in mysterious circumstances? You need to watch the drama to kill the suspense.

71 Comments to “17 Best Korean Dramas to Watch in 2021

  1. Snowdrop get out of the way because doom at your service is joining the building. Honestly i dont know why people think snowdrop is the best, tot me the top 5 are 1. The uncanny counter, 2. Doom at your service, 3 A korean odessey, 4. Weight lifting fairy Kim bok joo, 5.true beauty (iknow that some of them arent from 2021 but who cares)

  2. We all have diff tastes.when it comes to kdrama
    For me I got not to like the plot,when u got shot and still be able to climb up that wall ,ended up n the girsl room ahhaahaha(snowdrop)

  3. SNOWDROP is masterpiece not cuz There’s JISOO you all are dumb that’s not our problem have brain first snowdrop had very painful end the story lining is also Good and acting was out of this world suho and YOUNGRO and others did so great really appreciate y’all ❤️❤️

    1. if i watch sad ending dramas then it will disturb my mind for a while thats why im scared and im hesitating even tho it looks interesting

      1. I am like that too. I don’t like watching Sad endings. Before watching a movie or series I also have to check the reviews. Almost thirty and twenty one-twenty five really messed up my brain.

  4. Vincenzo and doom at your service tops it for me

    Why is everyone saying it is snowdrop,I watched it and I just could not figure out why it has to end that way but in reality, it would have ended that way, anyways it was interesting but not the best for me

  5. The best for me was Doom At Your Service,I hate the Snowdrop I didn’t understand the drama.And Vincenzo I love it ????

  6. SNOWDROP is the best. Hands down. Never experienced 80s, but from episode 1, I was transported back to 80s era!

  7. I think you guys didn’t even watch my name, happiness and beyond evil
    I think everyone is voting for snowdrop becouse of jisoo
    Its was good but not that good as to be called masterpiece
    and I am saying as fan of Jung Hae in

    For me MY NAME is the best one

    1. my name ? never !!!!!!!!!!! but i think the best kdrama in this list is Vincenzo, law school, and squid game

    2. finally a fellow Jung Hae in stan who understands me
      i swear to God my name is also so underaterd

    1. well Vincenzo is number 1for me, 2 is happiness, 3 is my name and snowdrop + I also like link I can not wait for the last two eps

  8. i guess y’all are threatened with snowdrop supremacy that’s why y’all saying it’s not good even if it is completely a masterpiece. SNOWDROP BEST DRAMA OF THE YEAR

  9. It’s definitely Vincenzo ❤️
    I loved it all the way
    So funny and interesting
    It’s my best for 2021

  10. yall just saying snowdrop because jisoo is in it. It wasn’t even that good as you people claim it to be.

    1. lol it’s the best, what are you saying. even if jisoo’s not the lead, the storyline and cinematography’s so fine that it has a high chance to be this year’s best drama.

    2. Yah man…. They’re just voting for it just because Jisoo’s in it. I’m not saying she’s bad but Snowdrop doesn’t deserve to be the best drama of the year.

      1. I watched the whole thing just because of Jisoo and honestly it isn’t all that memorable, but not bad either. It is definitely not better than something like Vincenzo or Squid Game tho lol

      2. Your fault if you don’t like it I think u don’t like snowdrop because it is better than you and more successful than your family we all appreciate the actors and actresses so shut your trap.

      3. Snowdrop is the best kdrama believe it or not I think u all that don’t like snowdrop all jealous because it successful than your family.

  11. Snowdrop was great for me too. I anticipated every episode and it didn’t disappoint. I wisv it wins best drama of the year

  12. snowdrop story line, cast, actors and actress performance, directions, music’s is really on different level. Should be Best drama of the years

  13. For me snowdrop is the best Korean drama. We are patiently waiting for the episode every Saturday and its worth waiting. How I wish we can watch it in Netflix or Viu.

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