A Gentleman and a Young Lady (2021) Episode 32

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11 Comments to “A Gentleman and a Young Lady (2021) Episode 32

  1. Actually this is where the korean bank BTS may help. BTS are Korea’s representatives/envoys for the future at United Nations. If we dont want the future in korea to look like the scenes where the hero hits his ex wife, pushes her to the ground, and threatens to kill her, Maybe BTS will take a look at the influence of korean drama on the future in regard to the scenes in this drama that people have felt uncomfortable watching. Should dramas aims to make the future Korea a better place? .

  2. It doesnt make the world a better place to live to have dramas that show the hero of the story hitting and pushing his ex wife to the ground and threatening to kill her (episode 36). What kind of role modelling is that. The producers have been told this but the only way to get the message across that we dont like seeing this domestic violence on women by the hero, is for lots of us to stop watching the remaining episodes.

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