Military Prosecutor Doberman (2022) Episode 5

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5 Comments to “Military Prosecutor Doberman (2022) Episode 5

  1. i total cutted 24 adds just to open an episode,why is this site giving shitty service day by day?why anyone arent talking about it?am i the only one who facing this add problems?
    *i cutted 4 more add while typing this comment*

    1. No one complaint because they appreciated watching it free. All free sites gotta have ads so they can keep their site running. Ads companies paid them. They need some profits too, honey. It’s either to pay their subbers(?) or to pay fee to run the site. Who do you think uploaded & subbed these dramas/movies? They’re not a saint. Someone gotta pay them for their time and resources. If you want ads free, look for sites that offer monthly subscription/membership (Viki, Netflix, Hulu, etc.). You get what you pay for. Stop being too entitled!

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