Love All Play (2022) Episode 5

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18 Comments to “Love All Play (2022) Episode 5

  1. The romance of the girl should be with the other boy whose girlified left or died because he is cute and his acting skills are the best.

  2. Lmao this shit is over dramatic. Everyone needs to take it down a few notches the stakes are really not that high

    1. Yeah it’s called a kDRAMA for a reason? the point is for it to be dramatic and unrealistic, you’ll never see someone be this mad about an accident in real life and that’s the point..but I kinda agree they annoy me? it’s still a good show tho

  3. I hope if the ml sister got married and has kids already if there going to put the coaches daughter with the junghwan. I will still be unhappy though since I rooted for ml’s sister and junghwan.

    I think that junyoung’s rehab issue wasn’t working will come up a big lie because she didn’t want to be under pressure anymore, so she told a lie about it and got away from the badminton (everybody relies upon her, i mean her mother and father you know) she had lots of fear about losing the game so it becomes burden for her, in my opinion, so she wants to escape. When she comes back, her ex boyfriend and other people will learn it somehow and they’ll take a big sigh because everybody feels guilty and anger because of her absence, and his love for her will totally finish, and although his mind is complicated at first, after he learns all was lie, he will feel relief and begin to love the other girl (the coach’s daughter)

  5. For the first time I have liked the coach and her daughter.
    But please I don’t want the second male lead to be in a relationship with the coach’s daughter

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