Love All Play (2022) Episode 11

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11 Comments to “Love All Play (2022) Episode 11

  1. I swear people in this drama act like Junyoung doesn’t have her own thoughts in her brain. She CHOSE to go out, drink and then snowboard. Taeyang didn’t do that for her.

  2. Bruh if she breaks up with him I’m going to be so pissed off because he obviously has genuine feelings for her.

  3. The plot, is bit ridiculous. The FL was not really at fault she went out with a friend and there was an accident. Yes they were both wrong to leave the training centre without permission but it’s really no one s fault, i

  4. The mother doesn’t care about the son at all this is not fair at all.
    Both are desperate for love, they need each other, they are meant to be together
    Oh god I got so emotional today ?

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