Cheer Up (2022)


The drama revolves around Do Hae Yi (Han Ji Hyun), a bright and diligent girl who currently studies at Yonghee University. Due to the poor financial situation of her family, she places a priority on making money rather than school. One day, Do Hae Yi unexpectedly joins cheering squad Teiya, which has been around for 50 years at Yonghee University. She joins the club only for the sake of money, but while participating in the cheering squad, He Yi finally gets the opportunity to experience the joy of campus life.

Also known as: 치얼업 Chieoleob

Airs from 03.10.2022 on Mondays and Tuesdays.


Status: Completed

Release Year:

Air Date: Oct 03, 2022

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121 Comments to “Cheer Up (2022)

  1. what in the hell happened with the airing…At the begining it was all alright, airing on Mondays and Tuesdays, as it should… and now? its like every second week, one time on Monday and the other time on Tuesday! Do yall think there is some problem in the production? in the sense that they still need to finish up some things on the episodes? so thats why they are coming out so irregularly? (sorry for my English, it is not my mother language) 🙂

    1. Firstly it was delayed because of the big tragedy in Itaewon, Seoul and TV aired only news, also the whole country was in mourning, and now it’s delayed bc of the FIFA World Cup.

    1. i thought so too! You can actually check those airing dates on this one site called – mydramalist. Well it says that ep 12 airs on Tuesday Nov 29!! 🙁 idk why

    1. When is episode 9 coming out? Why do you lie to us. You say the episode 9 will come out 7 November! Where is episode 9 now?

      1. I saw this from an article. It would be delayed again 🙁

        “Cheer Up episode 9 was expected to be broadcast on Monday, November 7 at 10 PM KST, with episode 10 on Tuesday, November 8.

        However, due to the airing of a re-scheduled baseball game, the broadcast has been moved to Tuesday, November 8 at 10 PM KST for episode 9, with episode 10 dropping on Monday, November 14 – also at 10 PM KST.”

    2. Today, it had to be yesterday but unfortunately they didn’t air it because of the baseball game in korea so it’s supposed to be aired today:(

    1. agreed, even if its his first ml drama doesnt mean we cant support the sl. i think the female lead and second lead have more chemistry and inhyuk keeps disappointing the female lead

    2. you guys r the toxic one.we are just chilling nobody is angry, aren’t suho fans the one angry cuz he’s not the main lead stop talking nonsense or spreading false information

      1. no he isnt. he’s just broken and for the first time he’s desired for someone so much and is feeling an actual connection with someone and seeing her with another man ofcourse hurts him. both the leads are just marvelous and each of them have their own story to tell. theyre both equally deserving and great.

  2. only reason people are obsessed with second lead is because he is always hovering around the FL…the captain is out here tryna protect everyone from threats and keeping the team together

    1. Lol wym? He’s acting like that cuz it’s happening to girls he like. My boy has 2 girls fighting for him while rejecting the fl on multiple occasions… Then you you have the 2nd ml who experiencing his first love trying to cheer her up at bad times ( unlike the guy that makes her cry a lot?), be honest about how he feels and protect her at all cost soo if he seems desperate it’s understandable. And didn’t the 2nd ml save her from the light incident ?

      1. He is a red flag if someone says no. It means no. He keeps on pushing and interrupting the main couple ugh so annoying, as if that’s gonna change anything plus how can you go and date someone just because you’re bored?

        1. bro no he just likes her so much and he’s consistent about her he chooses her everyday unlike your main lead who confused her on many occasions, second lead deserves better and he doesn’t wanna date her just cuz he’s board no he’s sincere about her

          1. The main lead isn’t selfish he wants to protect her and that’s very considerate of him, unlike y’all second lead that keeps on insisting and being selfish cause if you really “love” someone you will let the person be happy even if it’s not with you.

    1. 99% don’t agree. The actor is kind of awkward with his role. It might be because the role is really nice and then turns cold all of a sudden. But the main lead is doing really well, depicting certain parts of the drama making it really suspenseful and he deserves his mail role. Otherwise, I think the roles have been nicely chosen, where both male leads are right for each character 🙂

  3. When will the 3rd episode will come I have read somewhere it’s on 10th of Oct but still em waiting tho ??

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