Big Mouth (2022)


A thriller revolves around a third-rate lawyer who must expose a conspiracy among the privileged upper classes.

Park Chang Ho (Lee Jong Suk) works as a lawyer who talks big despite having a terrible win rate.  One day, he takes on a murder case involving a big conspiracy. He is somehow mistaken as genius swindler nicknamed Big Mouse. In order to survive on his own and protect his loved ones, Chang Ho must expose a conspiracy among the elite.

Meanwhile, Go Mi Ho (Im Yoon Ah) is Park Chang Ho’s wife who works as a nurse. She is a wise and brave woman who helps her husband in every possible way. After learning that Chang Ho is suspected to be the genius swindler Big Mouse, she attempts to clear her husband’s name.

Also known as: 빅마우스 / Big Mauseu/ Big Mouse

Airs from 29.07.2022 on Fridays and Saturdays at 21:50


Status: Ongoing

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Air Date: Jul 29, 2022

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130 Comments to “Big Mouth (2022)

  1. I was actually really disappointed with this one.


    I am all for legal dramas and even though they certainly have been done before, they still found a way to make this drama unique. HOWEVER. I had a really hard time getting hooked on this drama. It took 3 episodes before I was invested. I couldnt even watch a mere 10 minutes during the first episodes without having to watch something else as I was bored to death. As the storyline progressed it became more and more predictable. I didnt feel the chemistry between the leads: they acted more as if they couldve been coworkers or friends instead of a married couple. The ending felt very very rushed and quickly thrown together and this drama was not tied up nicely. Too many loose ends. This whole drama leads up to Mayor Choi being exposed, and for Big Mouse to be revealed. Instead they killed off Big Mouse randomly and for no reason as soon as we learn who it is. Also the big amount of money that plays a big part of the story is never found in the end even though the viewer gets to see it… I think we all wanted death to Mayor Choi or for him to be exposed but it was done so unsatisfyingly and so rushed that it felt disappointing. Like this big moment of truth that had us all waiting for his downfall in the public eye was done at the very end and took like 5 minutes and he was killed in private… He didnt pay for his crimes, he didnt lose his position. They didnt reveal his actual identity to the world which would have given us the satisfying ending for him. So like, why even make a secret identity a part of the storyline? I would have loved to see a big fight between Mayor Choi and Joo-hee but that was also not given to us, something to have made the drama more realistic when she found out everything he had done, instead she got randomly stored away at a psych ward. And also, there was literally no reason for Go Mi Ho to die in the end. Like what purpose did that serve for the storyline? She was sick for like 2 episodes and then died quickly and randomly in the end. They couldve just left off with her still being sick but getting treatment. Another huge part was also Professor Seos paper that the viewer never got to see, and as the story line progressed it was thrown more and more to the side and it wasn’t described very well what was in it and why it was so controversial. Lastly, a personal frustration: why was there no justice for Jang Hye-Jin who was murdered, like why did no one look into that? The husband got away with it even though Go Mi Ho who knew she was abused couldve have told someone … this wouldve have been the perfect oppurtinuty for someone in jail to have beaten up Han Jae-ho.

    In my opinion the only good thing that this drama had was its unique storyline with the prison and the tarot cards. And also Kim Joo-Hun’s acting in particular was BRILLIANT. The way he had the viewer believing him being a good guy one minute and then a horrible person the next. And the way he so effortlessly played everyone around him, controlling his emotions and yet bringing everyone elses emotions out. Brilliant. He really carried this K drama on his back along side Ok Ja-Yeon’s whose acting also was top tier. They made this drama watchable.

    All in all, this drama was underwhelming and VERY rushed and I have watched far better dramas with far better tied endings.

    Rating: 5/10

  2. Why y’all saying ending?, I’m seeing the series is still ONGOING, it hasn’t finished yet or am i missing something do y’all have info that i don’t?

    1. The series ends at ep 16 tho. Maybe the person editing the website forgot to change it. This happens in netflix too. If it was still ongoing there would be more episodes each week.

  3. It was a good ending, to show that with money, power & influence, the justice system is easily corrupted. Great writing with what happened with his wife.

  4. I’m glad about how it ended, people got justice. Their acting was so amazing that it made me cry on THAT scene, they didn’t really have to do this to her ???
    From the way it finished i hope there’ll be a second season pls

  5. ok let me see if this is good. i just finish mouse the other day. my standard for a good series is kinda high right now

  6. Has anyone seen MOUSE of Lee Sungi? I got fooled right there, all the episode he was chasing some psychopath and at the end he was the psychopath. So i was thinking Park Changho is the real mouse here. The protagonist is always the main character, it would ruin the series if the lawyer friend is the real mouse because there no back to that guy, what is his story? hmmmm

    1. Park Changho wants to defeat the mayor and the chairman, so, He wants to become someone more powerful and fearful than Big Mouse using the media influence, so, definitely he’s not Big Mouse. And I think no one of his family nor his friend can be Big Mouse, because big mouse was after the doctor’s unpublished paper, and they had so many chance to take over it, but, they didn’t. I’ll go with the belief that Big Mouse is either Jerry or someone who didn’t show up yet. It will be a huge jackpot if big mouse is a sort of a family or even park changho’s unknown twin who wants to revenge their parents death :D.

  7. Never been so excited over a kdrama, am waiting for ep 11 . The mayor, new prison chief are suspicious. But why do I feel the father in law is big mouth.

    1. I feel the same way. I have a feeling father in law is big mouse. He could be the one who pushed the woman off the bridge

  8. My theory is changho is the lost gandson of chairman. I think the chqirman son had an affair and her mother left him in the orphanage…but i thnk the chairman found out who he was and created big mouse to this him he has the will to be the next chairman….after watching so many kdrama with so many plot twsit and flashback…..this might be correct…hahaha….we dont even know changho parents..

    1. This is my thought too and what Changdo is going through is all to test him and make him stronger to take over from the chairman

    2. Omg! That is what i’m thinking too when the mayor watched the family picture in his house with a kid in it after watching the videos with the chairman. I think the chairman already knows changho as his grandson so he appointed the mayor to take care of him like giving him a lot of test?! Daebak! I thought I’m the only one who noticed it but who knows it is true? Park Changho really fits the position of being rich and cool!

        1. definitely not. since those two are main characters– changho and miho. and the antagonist is big mouse who is a third character according to synopsis.

  9. I think Big Mouse is the Cell Chief. Tarot cards are all about that mystical side of him. Furthermore, he laughed a lot at Chang Ho being threatened by the VIPs, just like the protagonist himself laughs after allegedly tricking them. Jerry and the psychopath probably know who he is, and the stab was set. Also, probably one of the VIPs hurt his daughter. Maybe the murdered doctor was his son-in-law, after all, his widow didn’t show up

  10. This drama is soo good!! I suggest this drama to those who love crime and thriller. By the way for those who want to know when new episodes come, it’s on every friday and saturday.

  11. Is there a fixed day when the episodes get uploaded? Actually I Don’t know about it.So If anyone who sees this comment knows about it,please do inform me.Thank you.

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