Anna (2022)


It tells the story of a woman named Anna who tries to live the life of someone else—similar to the “Ripley Syndrome,” which is a type of antisocial personality disorder in which the person constantly lies and believes in a fictional world that is not real.

Director: Lee Joo Yeong [이주영]

Also known as: 두번째 안나 수지 Anna


Status: Completed

Release Year:

Air Date: Dec 31, 2021

Genres: ,


26 Comments to “Anna (2022)

  1. I wish people discover this more and watch it, this is a very good thriller/suspense drama that’s not too fast paced, the storyline is unique too

  2. Does anyone know what book this is based on? Most sites said it was based on a novel called “Intimate Strangers” by Chung Han-a, but I can’t find it anywhere?? When I search it up on google nothing shows up

    1. Im not too sure about that but it sounds so similar to a show on netflix called inventing anna and I bet they’re based off the same thing so I would look into that!

    1. it is actually based on a novel by jung hana “inmate stranger”. You can see it in asianwiki or wikipedia.

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